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Atma Yoga TM

"I Am My True Self"


200 Hour RYT, Winter/Spring 2020 DEPOSIT $250


Your deposit of $250 locks you into this training. The standard fee for this training is $2100. Students enrolling in the Winter/Spring 2020 training receive a partial SCHOLARSHIP and pay only $950. Students must be paid in full prior to graduation. The format of this training has a very relaxed pace. Students begin with "e-learning", and receive their reading and assignments via email. They must complete all readings/assignments prior to graduation. Atma Yoga feels that this relaxed method of learning allows students to absorb the material more fully, without the pressure an intensive training brings. After orientation we then begin meeting for lectures and practicum , which are held on preselected Sundays. NOTE: Deposits and payments made during the training are non-refundable. However, if a student begins a training and steps out early due to unexpected circustances , he/she may redeem their deposit and payments in another Atma Yoga training, if it is available within a 12 month period.

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